We offer some payment procedure for your order. You can process your payment by:


  1. Direct Bank Transfer

         You can do your payment direct transfer to our local bank account. Here is the step if you choose to transfer directly to our local bank account:

                 – you will need to complete a transfer form. the transfer form will require information about the sending bank and the institution that receives the transfer.

                   Here is our account information:

                   Bank : Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

                   SWIFT Code : BRINIDJA005

                   Bank Location : Bandung, Indonesia

                   Account Name : CV. PRIDENJOYCO

                   Account Number : 763-01-005676-53-9

                 – An International transfer will require you transferred funds to be converted from your country currency into ours (Rupiah). Make sure you know the currency

                   exchange rates on the day you process the payment.


  1. PayPal

        You can do your payment to our PayPal account and use your own credit or debit card. Here is our account information:

        Paypal ID :


  1. Payoneer

        And also, you can do your payment directly to our payoneer account,

        Payoneer ID :

        ID Number : 27731473


        After doing your payment, don’t forget to confirm it on our webstore before 24 hours (if you order in webstore) and confirm it through our Customer Service in WhatsApp (if you order via WhatsApp).

        If you don’t confirm your payment before 24 hours, then your order will canceled automatically by our system.