Digital Media these days has been drastically changed. This changes have a large impact for online business. Online business has been giving us easier ways for transaction. Whether on payment method or shipping. It makes online business could run everywhere and everytime.


         Needs of fashion product in our people will never ended, it because fashion is a primary needs for everyone. And along with technologies improvements and needs of comsumptive habbits, then time to time purchasing request of online fashion product growing fast.

         There are so many people who would run an online business or become a wholesaler of an online shop. Pride n Joy give you a big chance to become our wholesaler. You don’t need a big fund to become our wholesaler. When you decide to become our reseller, it could increase your income because we have big potency in this field.


It’s very easy to become our wholesaler, you just have to :

– 18 +
– Fill out our wholesaler form
– Minimum item order 1 dozen (12 pieces)
– Using the same price as ours

Other than easy requirements and small fund, you can get this benefits below :

– Low rate selling price
– Our brand have big potency in this field
– Our product have a really good quality that make you confident to sell the product
– Our product is a the thing everyone needs
– You can request your cutting style
– We are ready for big size
– Profit that you can get in each product is IDR 40.000

Interested to join with us? You just have to download the form here, fill it and send back to us in social@pridenjoyco.id



Ps. We just open reseller just for Malaysia’s only for now